Wednesday, October 19

Mobile Warming Jackets Overview

Coming out for Fall 2011, Mobile Warming is introducing five brand new jackets to their lineup, three for the men and two for the ladies. Known for creating heated skiing and golf gear, Mobile Warming brings their ultra-fine steel alloy fiber heating technology to their line of cold weather jackets. These jackets heat up through a portable power supply with four settings to heat up to anywhere from 90 to 135 degrees, so whether you’re shoveling snow or riding long distances out in the cold, they will provide heat for up to ten hours depending on which temperature setting you are using. For now though, we’ll give you a quick overview of the new products, but stay tuned for our individual product blogs featuring video reviews of each of the new products.

Each product comes standard with three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements and optimum placement with two panels on the chest and one on the back to provide a quick warm-up and even distribution of heat. They also have a Windshark 4-way stretch highly breathable, waterproof fabric which provides additional flexibility needed in active outdoor sports. Additional features on the jackets include adjustable hem drawcords and magnetic circuit breakers on the inside storm flaps which help prolong battery use if garment is taken off.

The jackets themselves have very few minor variations. For example, the Mobile Warming Silverpeak Jacket is the only jacket in the lineup which comes with a hood while the Mobile Warming Glasgow Jacket comes in a two tone form with an overall standard base color and a different color under the arms and down the sides of the jacket. The Mobile Warming Women's Cypress Jacket also comes in a two tone color form while both the Mobile Warming Classic Softshell Jacket and the Mobile Warming Women's Classic Softshell Jacket come in a single solid base color for example all black or all blue.

Also brand new for Fall 2011 is the Mobile Warming Longmen Shirt. The shirt comes with three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements, two on chest and one on upper back and an antibacterial stretch material. It also has mesh side inserts and a ½ zipper front. Just like all the Jackets and other Mobile Warming products, the Longmen Shirt comes with a portable power supply with four different temperature settings that can heat up to 135 degrees and provide up to 10 hours of comfortable warmth.

Again, stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts for each of these new products containing detailed video breakdowns.


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