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Dunlop Tire Guide

In 1920, Dunlop created the first tire manufacturing facility in the United States and to this day,  Dunlop motorcycle tires are the only motorcycle tires manufactured in the US. Dunlop is known for some impressive accomplishments throughout the years in the motorcycle tire world. Dunlop was the first to use Kevlar belts, first to utilize radials, first to create the 20-inch off-road tire, and first to develop a premium tire for mini-bike riders. Dunlop is a company trusted for its design and price and is the choice of many serious motorcycle riders.

First is our Dunlop Roadsmart 2 Rear Tires Review:

Right of the back you're going to notice the new tread pattern on the front and rear of the new Dunlop Roadsmart 2 Tires. Dunlop still incorporates it's cosecant-curve groove pattern in the front tire. The placement of each groove gives the tire a fresh design to give tire wear up front, and they also stiffen the pattern for reduced tire squirm and extended tire life. The additional grooves also help improve wet-weather performance thanks to a greater sea-to-land ratio that helps promote water dispersion. 

Next we have the Dunlop Qualifier Performance Radial Tires:

Offering true racetrack-level grip and performance for the road, the Dunlop Qualifier does it all. A unique part of the Qualifier's design is how the rear-tire compound is made of a mixture of three race-developed polymers to provide maximum grip and warm up quickly in the wet or dry. The front-tire has a quicker turn-in and lighter steering thanks to a race-derived design which also makes for a larger footprint at maximum lean angles. The advanced belt design and Jointless Band (JLB) rear-tire construction reduce unsprung weight for quicker acceleration and enhanced steering characteristics.

Finally we have the Dunlop Q2 Tire Review:

One of the most impressive tires Dunlop has to offer, the Sportmax Q2 incorporates race-tested advancements that add up a vastly superior tire for when you're on the street or on the track. Intuitive Response Profiles (IRP) technology in the rear tire intuitively allows the rider greater latitude in line choice while cornering and provides amazingly linear steering no matter what shape, speed or camber the corner, and at all lean angle. Dunlop's advanced Multi-Tread technology combines the benefits of a tough, long-wearing center compound for increased mileage with a special lateral-grip compound on each shoulder for superior cornering traction. New Carcass construction in both the front and rear tires includes newly designed continuous hex beads that are both cornering stability in both tires. Q2 rear tire features a newly developed, stiffer version of Dunlop's Jointless Band (JLB) construction that utilizes a continuously wound aramid belt for reduced carcass distortion, plus stiffer overall construction to meet high-performance demands and provide a more consistent contact patch. 

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