Thursday, July 26

Firstgear 2012 Boot Review First Look

New Fall Boots just released from Firstgear!
Firstgear Kili Lo WP Boots

The Firstgear Kili Lo WP boots are for those who like comfort and waterproof protection in a low boot.  This is a solid boot with leather and composite upper, hard ankle and toe box protection,  with removable arch and heel pad. It is a lace-up style with hook-and-loop ankle strap.

Firstgear Kili Lo WP Boot  Review:

Firstgear Kili Hi WP Boot

The Firstgear Kili Hi WP boots are all leather upper and fully waterproof with hard ankle and shin protection. This is a durable four season touring boot designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry. A nice complement to the "Lo."

Firstgear Kili Hi Waterproof Boot Review:

Firstgear Kathmandu WP Boots

The Firstgear Kathmandu Waterproof boots have full leather uppers and a waterproof, breathable Hipora lining. Protection exemplified with an accordian leather fore-arch, Achilles heel panel, hard toe box and shin protection. Dual cam-buckle closures are a functional and stylish finish.

Firstgear Kathmandu Waterproof Boots Review:

Firstgear Mesh Lo Boots

The Firstgear Mesh Lo boots are comfortable enough to wear all day. With a mesh upper and lace-up fit, they will keep your feet cool. These boots will be good for three seasons but aren't waterproof.  A hard ankle and toe box protection assure you are not compromising protection for light weight wear-ability. This lineup of Firstgear boots are available in D and E widths, an advantage for those folks with wider feet.

Firstgear Mesh Lo Boots Review:

Firstgear Mesh Hi Boots

The high version of the mesh lo boots, the Firstgear Mesh Hi boots have a perforated leather toe box with a mesh shaft. Other features include the hard ankle and shin protection. For hot weather and better as a three season boot, it will keep your feet cool. Gator on the side with a velcro opening and zipper.

Firstgear Mesh HI Boots Review:


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