Monday, August 27

HJC RPHA 10 Helmet Introduction

HJC RPHA-10 Helmet - SolidThe HJC RPHA 10 Helmet is a totally new line that bridges the gap between HJC's current helmets and other high performance helmets currently available. With RPHA, Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage, they've designed a helmet made of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, aramid epoxy and organic fibers that's incredibly lightweight and strong. Notable features include a fog resistant clear pinlock Max-Vision shield with an included pinlock insert, RapidFire ll shield replacement system (ultra-quick shield replacement), and full front to back airflow with a lightweight, "Cool4Ever" moisture-wicking/antibacterial liner. With its wind tunnel rear spoiler, turbulent air is sent away from the shell, improving aerodynamics and dramatically reducing drag and wind noise. This helmet is available in black, matte black, white, silver, anthracite and dark yellow. In addition, there are three graphic options.

HJC RPHA-10 Spies II Helmet

The HJC RPHA 10 Spies II is a Ben Spies Replica helmet, which is matte black with white and the monster energy logo.

The HJC RPHA 10 Evoke helmet comes in two colors: white/grey/silver and black grey/silver. It's angular lines are reminiscent of something from "Aliens."

HJC RPHA-10 Cage Helmet

The HJC RPHA-10 Cage helmet is available in two colorways: white/black/blue and white/black/red.

  Look for our video reviews when the helmets arrive!

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