Monday, August 6

Sargent Motorcycle Seats Overview

For the last 25 year, Sargent has been making OEM replacement seats for an extensive range of bikes. Each seat is engineered to specifically fit your ride; they integrate seamlessly because the pans are modeled after the stock seat. In addition to increasing your comfort, Sargents are aesthetically appealing in a choice of color trims, a vinyl pattern that mimics carbon fiber and the use of Alcantara, a composite similar to ultrasuede.

Sargent Seats Overview & Buying Guide:

Sargent uses proprietary super-cell atomic foam, designed to be firm and give support and suspension for long rides. It doesn't absorb heat, bottom out, or break down over time. The exterior cover is marine grade vinyl: a UV-stabilized, mildew-resistant material that will withstand weather and varying conditions.

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