Wednesday, September 19

2012 Fall REV'IT! Reveal

Always dressed to impress, REV'IT! has consistently been one of the staples of ADV/Touring gear in just about every category. This Fall they've mixed it up a bit by adding an urban line of clothing that features protective apparel that can be passed as casual clothing. These high-tech coats offer the same great protection and features that you have come to know and love, however they are packaged in a fashionable theme for city riders. 

Back in the day, people used to wax their cotton jackets to help keep the water out in wet weather.  With today's technology and waterproof membranes, this is no longer necessary.  However, the classic look that is created by waxed cotton is still around.  The REV'IT! Melville Jacket is a 3/4 length coat designed for fashionable city riding. Knox Lite armor offers CE-rated protection without adding too much bulk and the Hydratex G-liner works together with the waxed finish to keep you dry.  Styled with pockets, belts, buttons and tabs, the Melville is minimally branded for those that hesitate to ride (or walk) around with large logos plastered across their chest or back.

REV'IT! Melville Jacket Review:

The REV'IT! Women's Gracia Jacket is the ladies' answer to the men's Melville. Cinched to flatter curves, the Gracia carries all the same features of the waxed cotton, waterproofness, and styling.  Both the Gracia and the Melville include a reflective strip at the back of the color to ensure visibility at night.

REV'IT! Women's Gracia Jacket Review

Raising the fashion standard with a faux fur collar and knitted waistband and cuffs, the REV'IT! Brera Jacket makes quite a statement to your urban landscape. Made with minimal bulk, but still with CE-Rated armor, the Brera is the ultimate in incognito riding gear. The Brera is made with a lightweight Nylon, Hydratex Lite, and Knox Lite all for increased flexibility. If your city isn't cold enough for the fur color, don't worry -- its removable.

REV'IT! Brera Jacket Review:

Finally, the REV'IT! Women's Taksim Jacket closes the updated for REV'IT! Fall 2012.  This 3/4-plus length jacket also sports the faux fur collar on its removable hoody. In addition, the hoody can be fixated to the back of the jacket to prevent it from flopping around in the wind.  The Taksim really speaks refinement and distinction into the fashion sense of the urban moto-lady.

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