Wednesday, September 19

Fall '12 Shoei Touring Helmets

Coming later this Fall, Shoei adds a smattering of new graphics to their touring helmet line-up. The Shoei Neotec receives an increasingly popular High-Viz colorway, while the Shoei Qwest is refreshed with three striking new designs.

If you haven't already heard about the Shoei Neotec, then you really need to get out from under a rock and watch our video review. If you have heard of this awesome new modular helmet release from Shoei earlier this year, then you will be pleased to know that the Shoei Neotec Borealis adds a fresh High-Viz option to your closet. This is somewhat notable as the solid yellow Neotec that has been available up until this point is not actually considered High-Viz; rather, it is called Brilliant Yellow.

Don't blame us if your front wheel gets light! The Shoei Qwest Ascend Helmet features three pairs of wings on a black/silver/white, gothic design.

For the patriotic rider, Shoei now has a flag-emblazoned graphic complete with screaming eagle. The Shoei Qwest Prestige helmet sends a message with style.

Always conscious of the female rider, Shoei has produced feminine designs on several of their helmets for many years. The Shoei Qwest Sonoma comes in a black/pink or a white/silver and showcases the softer side of Shoei's graphic art.

To view more New Shoei madness, visit us at Or check out our breakdown of Shoei vs Arai.

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