Thursday, November 29

New ICON Airframe Carbon RR Reveal!

The latest spawn of ICON comes in the form of the ICON Airframe Carbon RR helmet. Beautifully crafted, with the typical edgy ICON DNA, the Carbon RR offers all the same features as the standard Airframe in a lighter package. The carefully woven carbon-fibre shell is wrapped in a clean, attractive graphic that comes in three colors. The Red and Pink options deliver a grayscale skin, etched with Red and Pink pinstripe detailing respectively. The Blue scheme steps it up a notch, combining the black carbon, with red detailing and a gorgeous blue overlay that is a refreshing beverage for your eyes.

I expect Blue to be the most popular, akin to the previous ICON Airframe Carbon Lifeform in white. The Red and Pink are subtle in comparison without betraying the ostentatious heart of the brand. Regardless of whether we agree on the best color, adding another premium option to the carbon-fibre world is a smart move for sure! We look forward to these being available in early December.
Time will tell whether the ICON Airframe Carbon RR is the new king-of-the-hill for premium fibre helmets. However, our experience with ICON is that they've got the guts to take the glory!

-- ckZilla

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