Friday, December 21

Cool New Products From REV'IT!

While REV'IT! has always been one brand to consistently deliver cool products, some of the latest for Spring 2013 are cool in a different sense of the word. Cooling products have been around for a while, however, there aren't many options made specifically for the moto-world. REV'IT! has broken the ice with four products that will keep you truly cool, even in the hottest conditions.

The Hyperkewl material that REV'IT! is using works by evaporative cooling. Basically, the material is designed to store as much liquid as possible in a small area of fabric. As this water evaporates it cools the wearer, like a heat sync on a motor. In dry environments, this process happens quickly and most effectively. In humid environments, this process lasts longer, but is not as strong. In either case the average is about 6 hours.

The REV'IT! Fluid Cooling Neck Collar helps to cool your blood vessels in your neck, compensating for the heat that can gather in your helmet on hot days.

The REV'IT! Flux Cooling Wristband cools you at a place where arteries are most exposed, keeping your hands and arms cool. The wrist is an effective biological shortcut for adjusting the temperature of your entire body.

The REV'IT! Liquid Cooling Vest cools your core and works best under a highly ventilated mesh jacket.

The REV'IT! Challenger Cooling Vest Insert is designed to zip into any of the 2013 textile jackets from REV'IT!

To use any of these products, simply soak them in cold water for a few minutes and then put them on. As the saturated fabric begins to release water as water vapor (evaporation) it will take heat away from your body during this process.

From an ADV/Touring focused company such as REV'IT!, it is nice to see them pushing the boundaries both ways. We've seen plenty of products that will keep you warm in the coldest conditions, but now the same is true for staying cool in the heat.

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- ckZilla

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