Thursday, December 20

Michelin Power Super Sport Tire - First Look

For the committed racer or track day enthusiast, Michelin has always pulled ahead. Replacing the Power One as the new top shelf tire, the Michelin Power Super Sport tires should prove to be a competitive advantage.

Using Michelin's 2CT+ technology, an underlying harder compound supports the softer edge grip sections of the tire. This allows the grip to perform at its maximum without losing the rigid structure of a stronger tread. With only a 7.5% grooved tread ratio, the Michelin Power Super Sport Tires are the closest thing you'll find to a racing slick from Michelin that is still street legal. Using research and development from world endurance championship racing, Michelin aims to set the benchmark for longevity for the competition tire. In addition, they've engineered the side walls to be adaptable to various tire pressures allowing for a custom approach to the unique challenges of a particular track or temperature.

The Power Super Sport should be used sparingly on the street as the compound is designed for maximum grip in the smooth, controlled environments of a track. However, when used to their potential we expect to see them shine, giving riders more confidence and real results on the track.

- ckZilla
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