Friday, December 21

SIDI Agueda Anticipated for Early 2013

SIDI has a particular talent in being able to run the gamut of boot genres without compromising their build quality.  From the same company that produces the Vortice and the On-Road GTX, we also get the Adventure Rain GTX. In early 2013 we will be getting an addition to the dirt genre as they introduce the SIDI Agueda Boots.

A high-calf boot with four adjustable buckles locks you in a sturdy shell of protection. The SIDI Agueda are assembled largely from replaceable bolt-on parts if anything breaks in competition. Its insole is nylon for support while still maintaining flex and a removable arch support provides an extra measure of comfort. On the inside, you'll be greeted with a plush cambrelle lining as well as an inner heat shield for when the going gets hot. The biggest plus for the Agueda is the use of SIDI's TA sole, which uses anti-skid rubber for excellent grip and carries the reputation of SIDI's excellent feel on your controls. Though not replaceable like the SRS boots, the TA sole can be replaced by a cobbler once exhausted.

Available in all black, or black/white, the SIDI Agueda boots promise to be an affordable option for the serious off-road rider.

- ckZilla

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