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Bell 2013 Sport Helmets Graphical Overview

Happy New Year!  Riding a motorcycle is a bold statement in and of itself, but for some a bolder opportunity awaits in the selection of your helmet graphics. Bell presents 10 new graphics this year across their RS-1, Star, and Vortex sport helmet lines. While there is no stated theme, our observation is that there are quite a few heroic choices in the mix.

Address the Vortex models, the Bell Vortex Patriot Helmet is the first to answer the call of duty. An angular design in Red/White/Blue infers eagles wings on the sides while detailed with small stars in the back. A frontal flash of silver lighting emblazons the forehead area against a red background. If Captain America rode a motorcycle, no doubt this would be his helmet of choice.

As a rider, you learn to take a little flack from others on your choices in life. The Bell Vortex Flack Helmet allows you to give a little back. Available in a high-contrast white/black as well as a more subtle Black/Blue, the Flack graphic is another angular design with a more tribal feel. Perhaps this is a good lid for the newly created comic, "Chakra - The Invincible"?

The next selection might be more of a villain than a hero: The Bell Vortex Damage Helmet! Woven with a sort of elemental orange striped design, the Damage helmet is either depicting a Tron light-cycle race or the rampant light trails of DC Comic's 'Flash.' Regardless, you'll probably be whizzing by too fast for anyone to be able to tell.

Moving on, lets unveil the Bell Star models next! I swear I saw this one while playing through Halo 4 over Christmas break. The Bell Star Spirit Helmet comes in a stellar arrangement of Red/White/Blue or Red/White/Black. Either choice gives you a very galactic style with an aggressive tech feel. Defend the earth against the impending Foreigner apocalypse!

Anyone know if Spider Man made it big in Italy? The Bell Star Race Day Tricolore Helmet has the Italian DNA baked into the shell. In a bold Red/Green/White design, this helmet has the ultimate performance in mind. Obviously, you'll have to buy a Ducati Panigale to go with this.

Continuing in the lineage of beautifully crafted carbon fiber, the Bell Star Carbon Race Day Helmet does not disappoint! A matte carbon finish with silver and white striping across the front and sides set this helmet apart. You know Iron Man had to go carbon fiber sooner or later. As a side note, all of these new Bell Star helmets are shaped off of the RS-1 shell for an improved fit.

To be honest, I'm not sure where this next one came from. The Bell Star Carbon Airtrix Laguna Helmet looks like Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Thundercats all got into a fight. I'm not sure who won, but does that really matter? It just means you get to carry around all the more action on your lid.

Now for the RS-1 helmets...

Shucks! I already used my Flash reference! No matter, this one stands on its own, coming from Roland Sands Design. The Bell RS-1 RSD Flash Bronze Helmet showcases blazing linear streaks that appear to be emerging from beneath a patterned dot matrix (*cough*, polkadots).

(Update: this one proved to be the clear winner of the collection, so we shot a video review on the Bell RS-1 RSD Flash Bronze Helmet)

Whether your lucky number is 54, or your favorite rider is Mattia Passini, this is the helmet for you! Alright, so maybe neither apply, but the Bell RS-1 Corsa Helmet still has a unique look with a striking color palette. The bold Red/Black/White scheme shows well on the glossy finish. Perhaps 54mph will be your new average speed?

Looks like Lightning McQueen got a new paint job! The Bell RS-1 Airtrix Speedway Helmet is wrapped in a red and gold checkered flag resembling Pixar's animated main character from "Cars." Never mind that the sequel wasn't named "Motorcycles" as the obvious choice. Given enough time, the stickers on this snazzy helmet are sure to attract you a sexy light blue Porsche.

Whatever kind of Hero you are, the Bell 2013 release is certain to have something for you. Just don't let all the wild colors go to your head and turn you to the dark side.

- ckZilla
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