Tuesday, January 22

New Icon Graphic: Airmada Parahuman

How do you define normal? Usually, 'normal' means standard, predictable, or plain. However, ICON's version of 'the norm' is wild, twisted, and absurdly delicious! Predictably unstable as ever, ICON's new Airmada graphic once again blows reality away and instead inserts itself into the realm of dreams, or in this case, nightmares!

Adding to the available graphics for the relatively new Airmada model, the Icon Airmada Parahuman Helmet joins the ranks with bone-chilling style. An army of the undead has been vividly awakened across the polycarbonate shell of this brain bucket. You may choose to entertain your legion of quasi-human skeleton 'pals' in a Black/Grey or bold Black/Red colorway. Onlookers' faces will be melted off in a fury of vacant eye sockets and disembodied teeth. The only natural conclusion that your caged minions will be left with is the unequivocal domination of your two-wheel machine, rendering them shivering piles of fear along the shoulder of the road.

So, perhaps I exaggerate slightly. Perhaps ICON breeds exaggeration. Perhaps you would like to be exaggerated with the Icon Parahuman Helmet.

- ckZilla
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