Thursday, January 10

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Tires - Ultra Mileage

Developed in Germany specifically for the roads in the US of A, we salute the new, ultra-high mileage, Metzeler ME888 Tires.

If your primary vehicle has two wheels or you don't get on your bike unless you'll be gone for days, this is your tire. The ME888, or Marathon tires, have a deeper tread depth for a vast increase on tire life. Rain or shine, the parabolic grooves give you traction on the asphalt, whether newly paved, or filled with pits and holes. Aimed at the custom touring bikes of America, these Triple 8 tires boast outstanding stability and smooth handling regardless of speed. In addition, there are several sizes that feature a reinforced sidewall for heavier bikes and loads.

Metzeler ME888 Tire Review:
We've seen Metzeler take a back seat to Michelin or Pirelli in the past, however, this year we've seen a big jump in their intentional design and development for North America. Their tires have always been a great buy, but we expect them to get better once the Metzeler 888 Tires and their other latest models hit the pavement.

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