Friday, February 15

Icon Gloves, Battle of the Sexes!

We have been graced with quite a release on gloves! You may have already seen some in association with the other Icon lines that have come out today, but there are quite a few more! Interestingly enough, Icon seems to have weighted this release with the ladies in mind. Fear not! The guys' gloves are still pretty outrageous to compensate.

Icon's reputation is staked on you being a hooligan. Of course, you are, so you'll be glad to hear about the Icon Hooligan Gloves. A Battlehide Goatskin palm, with a high-flow mesh backing, the Hooligan gloves boast their worth in several flashy colors. Green, Blue, White and Black are all available in a high-contrast design.

Icon Hooligan Mesh Gloves Review:

If mesh isn't enough, or if you are looking to make a bigger imprint on your audience, switch gears to the Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Skelly Gloves. Premium grade French Cowhide is the prime ingredient for this carefully crafted piece. Using D30 in the knuckles for ultimate protection, the Turnbuckle Skelly gloves belong on your two-wheel stage while you give the world a five-star performance.

Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Skelly Gloves Review:

I warned you, the women's gloves are a shocker! Predator or prey, Icon has two beautifully printed designs to suit your fancy. Lets start with a look at the Icon 1000 Catwalk Zebra Women's Gloves. Lined with chrome knuckle trim as well as the underlying knuckle armor, the Catwalk Zebra gloves are made from calf-skin. They proudly display a glamorous printed Zebra design.

For a longer cuff and a larger style quotient, choose the Icon 1000 Catwalk Leopard Women's Gloves. Building on the platform of the shorter Zebra Gloves, the Leopard Gloves add a few inches over the wrist along with a set of leather straps used to cinch over the gauntlet over your sleeves.

If you aren't hearing the call of the wild, don't worry! Icon has a few carbon copies that offer the same fit and finish without the wild designs. In addition, these gloves offer a kangaroo leather chassis and palm for less weight and better feel and flex. The Icon 1000 Hella Kangaroo Short Gloves mimic the Zebra, without the print...

... while the Icon 1000 Hella Kangaroo Long Gloves mimic the Leopard in plainer form.

Throw down the gauntlet and let the battle begin! Which of these will rock the streets first? Which will be faster? Which will be more furious? Only time will tell.

- ckZilla
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