Monday, February 11

New HJC FG-17 Helmet

Hitting our radar as you read this, we just became aware of a new offering from HJC, called the FG-17. This full-face helmet is a sport riding option positioned just under the HJC RPHA-10 Helmets.

Constructed from a fiberglass composite and weighing in under 3.5 pounds, the HJC FG-17 Helmet is made for aerodynamics and performance. In addition to the awesome venting and flowing design, the FG-17 also comes with a MaxVision Pinlock Lens and a Rapid Fire II Shield Replacement System. Targeting the more aggressive rider without skimping on function, the HJC FG-17 should prove to be a good buy.

What is even more exciting are the graphics that we will be seeing on this new lid. Aside from the plethora of tribal colorways, we will also see an HJC FG-17 X-Fuera, which is a MotoGP replica of Lorenzo's helmet, the current world champion.

With a Snell 2010 certification, this helmet could easily suit the occasional track day rider, while doubling as an excellent weekend warrior. We'll keep the website updated with more pictures and information as it becomes available.

- ckZilla
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