Saturday, February 16

New Speed & Strength Gloves Grab Attention!

Speed and Strength's new attention-grabbing gloves fly in the face of logic and reason, pitting wild colors and vivid designs, against mesh/leather chassis and TPR knuckles. Stripped to the bone, these streamlined gloves are meant to meet or exceed the maximum requirement of your throttle-grabbing style.

Starting with a few for the boys, check out the Speed and Strength Top Dead Center Gloves. Depicting an electrified, flying engine piston on the back of the hand, these mesh gloves promise to give your riding an added spark, fueling your need for combustion.

Moving on to the Speed and Strength Throttle Body Gloves, you'll find a similar mitt with a different expression. Reminiscent of some of the Shift gloves we saw a few years ago, the Throttle Body Gloves are dominated by a bold stripes pattern. Both of these options are available in Black, Red, Blue, or Green.

Identical to the men's version, but sporting in hot pink, the Speed and Strength Women's Throttle Body Gloves make a similar statement in a more slender fitting package.

If you are looking to send a more unique message, the Speed and Strength Wicked Garden Gloves meet your criteria. Available in striking Black/Red, Black/Purple, or White/Silver colorways, this bleeding heart design shows the feisty side of your garden, complete with skulls and Venus Fly Traps!

What were they thinking? Treat your Grabber McGrabskies to a dose of insanity with these New Speed & Strength Gloves.

- ckZilla
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