Friday, March 22

Next up: Metzeler Tourance NEXT Tires

If I asked you to name a few great Dual Sport tires off the top of your head, I would probably get a mixture of Michelin Anakee, Heidenau K60 Scout, Conti Trail Attack, and Metzeler Tourance. If I asked you to name the best dual compound street tires, I would get Michelin PR3s,  Pirelli Angel, or Bridgestone Battalax. Do you see any overlap? While I could be convinced to try my PR3s off-road, they wouldn't really do the job with confidence. Conversely, I would never feel comfortable dragging a knee with the K60 Scout.

Problem solved! The Metzeler Tourance NEXT Tires are the first true Dual Sport tire that is made with a dual compound. OE on the new liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS, the Tourance NEXT looks at the needs of tomorrow's ADV/Touring crowd and combines the best of both worlds. Shoulder compounds made from 100% Silica provide edge grip in dry or wet, while a new structure and profile promise longevity on road or off. The tread pattern is angular and the pitch arrangement is longer, allowing for more chances to grab at uneven road surfaces, gravel, or single track trails. At the same time, the contact patch is continuous, helping to evacuate water and providing excellent grip on the tarmac even with the bike leaned over.

Metzeler Tourance NEXT Tire Review:

Given the jump start these tires will receive as we see them ship stock on the latest generation of BMW GS bikes, I would expect this line to take off quickly. Hopefully, they will start a trend and encourage other manufacturers to combine dual compound technologies into their dual sport tires as well. I suppose that means these tires will be used for their intended purpose. Metzeler has no lack of experience blazing a trail in the tire world as well as your back yard.

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