Monday, April 8

Good Luck with the Icon Airmada Charmer!

A venomous solution to protection, the Icon Airmada Charmer launches a well-poised strike at riders' heads. Just when you thought the Airmada was already awesome enough, ICON had to one up themselves with an exclusive, predatory, glow-in-the dark graphic.

Whether you are the charmer or the charmed, you are certain to have visual advantage on the road with this helmet. In the daylight, the obviously wicked design will turn heads and send cagers fleeing back to their holes. At night, the iridescent glow will embody the nightmares of your dreams, or perhaps those of your prey!

We recommend purchasing a wicker basket for your helmet as well as a pan-flute to keep it from getting too feisty. Never fear, the Charmer will be ready to play when you start singing to it with your other set of pipes. The 'Glory' coloway (left) pays tribute to the Funny Cars of the 1960s, while the 'Gold' (top-right) references the southern hot-rods and T-top cruisers.

Icon Airmada Charmer Helmet Review:

This insanity could only be brought to you by ICON, again blowing the the definition of 'normal' to Gehanna and back. The Icon Charmer comes cursed... er, blessed with the standard Airmada features, including ICON's world standard safety rating and the Icon Optics shield.


- ckZilla
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