Friday, June 14

Roland Sands Hesher 2 Jacket: Marlboro Country Manliness

Despite all the Surgeon General’s warnings, you still think the Marlboro Man is cool, don’t you? Don’t worry, we do too. Rugged manliness doesn’t go out of style, and neither will this jacket. Thanks to Roland Sands, the new Hesher II Jacket will make you look the part of the tobacco industry’s greatest success - and you won’t have to ride all the way to Marlboro Country to buy it. Though you will have to acquire your own raspy voice, mustache, and cowboy hat.

The Roland Sands Hesher II isn’t all seriousness though. It’s relaxed collar and comfortable fit will have you relaxin’ in the saddle in no time. Motorcycle saddle, that is - though you could certainly rustle up some cattle when your bike is in the shop. You probably wouldn’t want to tear up the track with this guy, but if you find yourself in the middle of a stampede with no place to hide, the Hesher II will now fit RSD’s shoulder, elbow, and back armor. It might not stop a charging bull, but the fall off your horse will be slightly less painful.

Roland Sands Hesher 2 Jacket Review:

The Hesher 2’s chassis is made out of a duck canvas. Tell Donald and his pals to relax though, this jacket isn’t made out of real ducks (nor fake ones). It’s just meant to highlight the jacket’s water resistance. Light drizzle? No problem. Running through sprinklers? Sounds like fun. Anything else and this jacket will leave you a little soggy.

If the skies are clear and the road is open, the Hesher II’s soft satin liner will keep you nice and cozy though. The grin on your face might ruin your cowboy-on-a-bike image though, so keep that in check.

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