Monday, July 1

New Bell Moto 9 Graphics: Dirt Ain't Bashful!

Start it up, fire up some roost, cross up the bars, and Brra-a-a-p your way to the finish line! Dirt riding isn't always glamorous or graceful, but it definitely ain't bashful! Bell knows this montra well and brings four new graphics to the Moto-9 grid this Fall.

Stripping back the paint, you'll find a carbon-fiber shell under each Moto-9. Why not draw a little more attention to this attractive fact and show off your weave? The Bell Moto 9 Matte Carbon Helmet does just that, akin to the Bell Star Matte Carbon from last year.

If you need a refresher on the features of the Moto 9 check out our video review below.

Bell Moto 9 Helmet Review:

Black is over-rated! Lets get into the good stuff. The Bell Moto 9 Pinned Helmet reveals sharp lines and bold colors all over the same carbon fiber shell. The Moto-9 Pinned graphic comes Black/White, Orange/Grey, or Red/Grey and makes no excuses for its classical style. Pinstripes never go out of fashion!

Bell Moto 9 Pinned Helmet Review:

Crank up the crazy and make room for the Bell Moto 9 Tagger Scrub Helmet! This tri-color beauty mixes Teal, Red, and White, for a face-melting combination of awesome, kick-ass, and "in yo' face." Scrub-a-dub-dub, three colors on a lid. Be a Knave, buy a Bell.

Bell Moto 9 Tagger Scrub Helmet Review:

We saved the loudest for last and recommend using earplugs with this next helmet. The Bell Moto 9 Unit Existence Helmet is Black and Yellow and random all over. Sporting dots, logos, words, and textures, the Unit Existence is a mish-mash of moto madness just waiting for that rear wheel to hit the ground spinning.

Bell Moto 9 Unit Existence Review:

Don't be bashful! Be dirty! Update your power-sliding skills with a little graphical action and 'bring it' to the arena this fall with style.

-- ckZilla
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