Monday, July 22

New Fieldsheer Gloves: Options for every rider!

Welcome to the year 2013, a time when Fieldsheer is unleashing a new line of gloves, designed for all imaginable weather conditions, while retaining full protectivity, tailoring to a classic sport riding style.

For the fair weather riders in the crowd, meet the Fieldsheer Mistral Mesh Gloves. These short cuff gloves are perfect for those hot as hell rides when you just need your hands to breath!

We don’t have many details on the Fieldsheer Sugo Gloves yet, but with a textile upper construction and a clarino palm, I can imagine this is going to be a warm weather glove with an awesome tactile feel. From the early sketches we were supplied, it looks like these gloves will have a nice stylistic element to them as well.

If you find you like the security of full leather, but do not need a full gauntlet consider the Fieldsheer Mistral Leather Gloves. This glove has the essentially the same design as the prior mentioned Mistral, but with a highly abrasion resistant leather upper.

To all track junkies and spirited riders; no need to worry! Fieldsheer has not forgotten about you. The Fieldsheer Legend is going to be made of a cowhide construction, with ample padding and sliding protection for the high speed offs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Fieldsheer Wind Tour Glove, a waterproof full gauntlet glove available in a few different colorways. This glove is going to be the perfect 3 season cold glove, also available in a killer Black/Hi-Vis yellow colorway. Fieldsheer has really done this one right. There are very few cold weather or waterproof Hi-Vis gloves available right now, so I am anticipating this one to be a hit.

Last on the list is the glove I am anticipating most from FS's new line; the Fieldsheer Soul Ride Gloves. The Soul Ride is a glove that can be worn by any rider on any bike and is designed for complete comfort. Constructed from pure goatskin with a clarino palm, I can tell you that this is going to be a glove with an awesome tactile feel.

Whether you need a glove for the track, for the cold, for the heat, or for the feel, Fieldsheer has thought of every option for every rider with absolute protection in mind. This is a huge step into the glove market for Fieldsheer and I really think they hit it out of the park.

Oh, I forgot to mention, all of theses new gloves are going to be touchscreen compatible, so for those of you iUsers and Droidies, Fieldsheer has you covered.

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