Saturday, July 20

Speed and Strength Speed Strong Jacket and Gloves

Speed and Strength continues to shock the motorcycle market with a wide array of gear. They’re not afraid to get a little crazy with their concepts but know it’s important to have a conservative side. They aim to please.

Well....the Speed and Strength Speed Strong Jacket and Gloves should certainly please many conservative motorcycle nerds out there.

The Speed Strong Jacket is a cross between a traditional motorcycle jacket and a casual destination jacket with a little snowboarding flavor mixed in.

What was going through Speed and Strength’s head? They threw everything but the kitchen sink into this jacket. In their design meeting, the conversation must have gone something like this....

  • Our customers have high expectations and important needs. Our customers are also very diverse.
  • So where should we start?
  • Well, no one likes getting wet so how about a bad-ass water resistant shell?
  • Yea that could work. OK now what?
  • Armor is a no-brainer but is always a boring part of any piece of gear. Let’s shake it up a little bit!
  • But how?
  • Everything on the market typically comes with CE rated elbow and shoulder armor but just a cheesy foam back protector insert. We’re going to give our customers the protection of a Vault CE Approved Spine Protector.
  • Sweet!
  • No! We can’t stop there. Our customer’s need storage, ventilation, adjustability, a unicorn alert call, airbag, throwing stars, and a whistle.
  • OK! Let’s not get carried away. We’ll stick with storage, ventilation, and adjustability. What the heck is a unicorn alert call anyway?....never mind.

Wow! That conversation was intense.

The moral of this story is that Speed and Strength constantly has progression on their mind. The Speed and Strength Speed Strong Jacket has a ton of versatility. If you’re looking for an excellent two season (Fall / Spring) jacket that’s going to provide you with options, this jacket is a winner.

Speed and Strength Speed Strong Jacket Review:

The Speed and Strength Speed Strong Gloves seem to have a different philosophy but complement the versatile jacket well. The Speed Strong gloves are conservative. They are much more personal and niche. Gloves can offer too many features. Sometimes the best glove option is the simplest (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Speed and Strength understands that gloves are a different beast altogether. One pair of gloves are not going to get the job done for all weather and temperature ranges.

Speed and Strength Speed Strong Gloves Review:

The Speed Strong gloves are a very promising two season (Fall / Spring) option. In addition, a protective yet comfortable leather / lightweight textile construction offers abrasion resistance but doesn’t sacrifice tactile feeling. Throw in some knuckle protectors and a dash of reflective trim and you’ve got the Speed Strong gloves.

Yes, that is it. There is no need to go any farther. Remember....simplicity.

-- Hi-Viz Brian
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