Saturday, July 20

Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Collection

Urge Overkill'd It!

Rain rain go away
Come again some other day
Santo Zilla wants to play
Rain rain go away

In the battle between motorcyclists and the rain, Speed and Strength has announced their latest weapon the Urge Overkill jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. Each of these garments possesses the ability to block out motorcyclists greatest enemy--rain. Has Speed and Strength gone too far? Is this Overkill? NOPE! This is the Speed & Strength Urge Overkill!

The Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Jacket blocks out water with its seam sealed waterproof AR-600 frame. The textile shell has reinforced shoulders and elbows that help to keep out motorcyclists' other enemy--asphalt. It even comes with Vault CE approved shoulder protectors, elbow protectors, and a spine protector. Add in the moisture wicking liner and vents and you will have a jacket that will work well for rain or shine riders.

Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Jacket Review:

The matching Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Pants us
e the same seam sealed waterproof frame as the jacket so water can attack you high or low. CE approved knee protectors provide impact protection while reinforced knee panels provide more abrasion resistance. Vents at the thighs make this pant versatile for use in downpours or nice weather.

Keep your digits dry with the Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Gloves. The combination of leather, textile, and a waterproof mid liner complement the seam sealed waterproof shell of the jacket and pants. The gaiter style gauntlet can be cinched down to keep out any especially relentless raindrops and the face shield squeegee wiper will keep those little suckers from building up and blocking your vision. Rain fights dirty. It always goes for the eyes.

Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Gloves Review:

You won't have to worry about kicking rain's butt up and down I-95 since your outfitted with a water proof membrane in the Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Boots. Feel free to splash in some puddles to kick rain while its down. These boots protect against wet little piggies, injured ankles, and abrasive shifters. The anti-slip rubber sole will keep your foot firmly planted on wet road at stoplights. The ratcheting buckles ensure a snug fit without worrying about laces.

Speed and Strength Urge Overkill Boots Review:

The Urge Overkill gear from Speed and Strength is like a stealth bomber. Rain will never see you coming and if it does, there's nothing it can do about it. You will be a motorcycle boy scout, always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Rain rain come and stay
Cat's and dogs or gentle spray
Santo Zilla wants to play
Rain rain come and stay

-- SantoZilla
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