Friday, August 23

Icon Citadel Women’s Collection

Forget about winter, fall is coming. And whether you’re for the Starks or the Lannisters, you’ll need something to protect you during the transition from this long summer.

The Icon Women’s Citadel Jacket, Overpants, and Gloves will do exactly that, without weighing you down and making you look like a medieval soldier. In the Citadel Collection, Icon will be incorporating D30, a CE rated flexible and lightweight molecular armor that you barely know is there. With mesh panels along the chest, back, thighs and hips, and a thermal vest for brisker mornings, you’ll get to enjoy the breeze as well. Just please wear pants underneath, as the mesh in the Icon Women's Citadel Pants along the hips extends literally across the hips.

Offered in Grey/Light Blue for the spirited, which is especially attractive on the Icon Women's Citadel Gloves, and stealthy Black for those of us who are a bit more mysterious, the Citadel Collection will keep you cool and keep you protected while you harness the fire-breathing dragon beneath you.

-- Alessandra
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