Monday, August 19

Joey Fastlane: The Name of Casual Footwear from Alpinestars!

Do you ride a motorcycle? Do your feet get wet when it rains? Are you a man, OR a woman? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have something special for you.

Welcome to Alpinestars’ waterproof street shoe lineup!

First in line are the Alpinestars Fastlane WP Shoes - an aggressive looking street shoe with F1 roots. The Hi-Viz accents really pop, making the Fastlane really stand out from the crowd. In case you couldn't tell "WP" stands for waterproof!

Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes Review:

Now ladies, please don’t get jealous. you'll also get to meet the Alpinestars Stella Fastlane WP Shoes - the same waterproof Fastlane, simply in a women’s cut with some exclusive colorways. Not enough to scream that these are ladies shoes, but just enough to set them apart from the rest.

Alpinestars Stella Fastlane Shoes Review:

If technical shoes do not fall within your niche, but you need the waterproofing, the Alpinestars Joey WP Shoes are going to be your best bet. A subtle design from A*, the Joey shoes are vaguely designed after classic Chuck Taylors, only with some motorcycle geared protection, and like before, some Hi-Viz accents (Check out those laces!).

The Women's Alpinestars Josey WP Shoes are simply the ladies, or "Stella" model. There are not too many casual ladies boots out there, so I think Alpinestars really hit one out of the park with this design.

Alpinestars Josey Shoes Review:

Would I recommend these shoes for getting a knee down or cruising on the highway? Not quite. But for the city riders out there, these look like a great option to protect you, all while looking great off of the bike.

-- MelloZillo
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