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Klim Allure for Women: Attract the right Gear

Snow gear is puffy, blobby, and typically malformed. Necessary for the slopes, but not the best fashion statement. That may be changing with Klim's latest iterations of their women's snow line. While some puffiness is to be expected, given the warmth these products offer, the attractive lines, and graceful design curves balance out the necessary evil. Oh, and the selection of neon colors doesn't hurt!

The Klim Allure Parka is an insulated shell made with full Gore-Tex, which is guaranteed to keep you dry. Ventilation can be achieved with a newly designed angled zipper at the ribcage. Strategically positioned for a woman's form, these vents will be more effective then the male equivalent vertical zip-vents on either side of the chest. The entire parka is covered in 100 grams of thinsulate, with zones of 200 gram thickness at the core. One of the nicest creature comforts are the hand gaiters that extend over the thumb to seal out cold at the cuffs.

Klim Allure Parka & Bib Review:

Perfectly matched, the Klim Allure Bibs carry the same Thinsulate and Gore-Tex technology, extending high above the waist in order to overlap your seal against the elements with the jacket. The pants include more of the insulation between the two, so the jacket can fit slimmer. Wearing the two together really makes a complete system.

The last piece of the puzzle are the Klim Allure Gloves, these feminine mitts pack 200 grams of Thinsulate and the same Gore-Tex waterproof protection into a slim-cut glove. The beauty of the Allure Glove is the 2-in-1 option. Using two chambers with varying levels of insulation you can optimize for control and feel through the palm, or simple warming comfort with a 300 gram max insulation configuration.

Klim Allure Gloves Review:

The Allure Parka comes in standard black, but is also available in the Arctic Blue pictures here as well as Kiwi and Clover Purple. The Allure Bibs are available only in Black and Grey, as are the Allure gloves. Attract your style, Allure the slopes, Adore the snow.

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