Thursday, August 1

Klim F4 ECE Helmet: Lighter, Warmer, Better.

Looking for the best venting off road helmet out there? Look no further, meet the Klim F4 ECE Helmet. Now, I know you are probably saying, “well this is stupid, what makes this F4 different from the old one?”

Stop right there. This particular F4 has a totally redesigned interior, intended to fit a variety of head shapes, all while retaining a snug fit. The intake and exhaust ports have also been drastically enlarged to allow for better airflow during those hot days, when you are working your butt off navigating rough terrain.

Remember the ventilation channels in the old F4 which were the best and deepest out there? Yup, Klim went ahead and made them even bigger, allowing for better airflow to the top of your head. Klim has set the bar in off road venting technology.

But what about your snowmobile? If you are spending this kind of coin on an off road helmet, you want it to be warm enough for cold weather use, too. This sounds like too much to ask out of a helmet, right? The best venting helmet in the summer, and yet the warmest in the winter? Seems impossible.

Klim F4 ECE Helmet Review:

Well crap, they’ve done it again. Klim partnered with Gore (makers of Gore-Tex) and are including a Gore WINDSTOPPER removeable liner which allows for your head to be protected from the wind in the cold, but will wick away sweat if it gets hot. A breath deflector, fleece-lined comfort collar, and beard flap are also included for the cold weather snow junkies out there.

Did I mention the stealth graphics? They went to town designing the new stealth graphics for the Klim F4 ECE Stealth. There is going to be a black option, with ghosted gray accents, along with a white as snow option with more pronounced black graphics. The black option looks like a winner to me!

One last thing before I let you go to drool over the new helmets. This particular helmet is only ECE rated, not Snell approved. What does this mean? An entire pound of weight savings over its Snell approved brother.

There is no need to argue, Klim has raised the bar in the off road helmet category. This combined with the cold weather versatility of the F4 make this helmet a no brainer to the dirt and snow riders out there.

Until next time, ride safe.

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