Wednesday, August 7

New Brand: Airoh Helmets now at RevZilla!

A reputable brand, but difficult to find in the USA, Airoh Helmets has been in motorcycle racing for many years since its inception 15 years ago. You'll see their lids on Andrew Dovizioso in MotoGP and Lorenzo Zanetti in WSBK, however, their real strength is in off-road sports, saturating riders from Motocross and Enduro, to Supercross and Rally, many of whom are 2012 world champions.

The core components of the Airoh Aviator Helmet are carbon and kevlar fiber, making the shell extremely strong and quite able to disperse energy across the entire shell regardless of impact point. The Aviator peak is adjustable with two positions to choose from based on your aerodynamics. Two front vents, two rear vents, and three chin vents throw a healthy dose of fresh air in your face, keeping you cool in fresh in the demanding trials conditions. The interior is completely removable, whether to wash, exchange, or by using their emergency removal system called AEFR. The Aviator helmets are both DOT and ECE certified, low on weight and high on adrenaline!

On to the graphics!

The Airoh Aviator Rockstar Helmet brands you in your favorite source of energy! Drink it down, gulp it up, ride it out...

If your not the type to support a brand, at least support your country with the Airoh Aviator Captain Helmet. Yes ... that's you: Captain America!

If you prefer more classic styling the Airoh Aviator Viper Helmet will give you a clean design with a peak through at the underlying carbon fiber weave. Sexy talk!

Strip it all away. I want more CARBON! Creatively, this one is named the Airoh Aviator Carbon Helmet.

Initial shipments are expected to arrive in September, so we'll follow all this goodness up with some video reviews as soon as we are able. In the mean time, spread the word! Get your Airoh fix at RevZilla.

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