Friday, August 23

Ode to Insulated Denim: An Icon Story

Well, as summer’s drawing to an end, we set our sights on cooler-weather gear. But here’s the dilemma: how does one dress for cooler-weather riding without looking like Randy from A Christmas Story?

Problem solved! As part of their Fall 2013 release, the Icon Insulated Denim Pants are unleashed. These 14-oz relaxed-fit denim riding pants are more than your basic jean. They include a full-length removable insulated liner for multi-seasonality. For the safety-conscious, the knees are reinforced with Aramid panels and include removable D3O CE-certified knee protectors.

There’s not much else to say so I’ll leave you with an Ode to Insulated Denim:

Indulge my rhymes, if you please. A pair of these you should seize-y.
Dungarees for the lower degrees so your knees won’t be freezy.
Warmer than a pair of Lee’s, these would would keep out the breezy.
Relaxed cut and fit with ease, into them you won’t have to squeezy.

I apologize for nothing. Geez, that was cheesy.

-- Orange Joelius
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