Thursday, August 15

We've Got Dirt on Scorpion! New Helmet Graphics.

No matter how loamy the dirt is, no matter how high the berm, or how deep the rut, keep the throttle pinned and snatch that holeshot! Cool graphics, as we all know, instantly add horsepower to your wheels, giving you the edge in the battle of roost and ruin,

Entering the dirt market at an affordable price, the Scorpion VX-34 Sprint Helmet makes no excuses and pulls no punches. The Sprint is all about confidence, speed, and being the first off the line! Done in a sleek matte finish, you will have a choice between a sharp Green/Blue/Gray and a clean Silver/Black colorway. Snatch the Sprint, scrub the scene.

Scorpion VX-34 Sprint Helmet Review:

Big brother to the VX-34, the VX-R70 offers a more advanced composite shell as well better ventilation and a shatter resistant peak. Make your mark with two these new wildly neon color schemes from Scorpion.

The Scorpion VX-R70 Quartz Helmet is a high-contrast solution for being seen in the dirt. Granted, we  know no one will miss you when you Ring-ding-a-ding or Br-aaa-p on by, but being more visible is always helpful for your fan club! What is your favorite color? Yellow, Red, or Green; all are neon, and all are boss.

Scorpion VX-R70 Quartz Helmet Review:

Concentric circles aren't just for geometry class! The Scorpion VX-R70 Spot Helmet combines a concentric theme with its loud colors. Its one colorway, decks the spectrum well and paints you as the center of attention. Be eccentric, get concentric!

Scorpion VX-R70 Spot Helmet Review:

Wherever your off-road conquests take you, stay safe with a Scorpion lid. While you are at it, stay comfy with with their air-pump cheekpads, and stay cool with their generous ventilation. Stay savvy, be awesome, ride to win.

-- ckZilla
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