Friday, September 13

Joe Rocket Super Street RX14 Boots and Atomic Boots

We can’t all be spacemen, but the new Joe Rocket boots can help fulfill your dreams of space exploration. Well, at least their unique design will make your feet seem out of this world.

The Joe Rocket Atomic Boots look like they belong on a real life rocket ship, worn by interplanetary explorers zooming across the cosmos. Made up of 95% leather and 5% synthetic material (that 5% synthetic material is probably moon dust, but don’t quote me). Spacemen don’t need laces or even zippers. The ratchet strap closure means quick on and off. The double stitching in stress areas will hold up to the stresses of use on a motorcycle and the desolate vacuum of space.

The Joe Rocket Super Street RX14 Boots favor motorcycling over interstellar travel. The articulated ankle design, low profile toe box, and peg-friendly no-slip sole are much more at home on two wheels than rocket boosters. Don’t worry about scraping your toe sliders while attacking corners. The magnesium toe sliders are replaceable. Do worry about aliens attacking because they will try to steal these fancy new boots.

These new Joe Rocket boots will offer style and protection at a price well below $200. You can use all the money you save to build a backyard rocket. Sure, you’ll have to save up for the rest of the space suit. But at least you have the shoes covered.

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