Thursday, September 26

New Icon Airmada Basstard Helmet: Something's Fishy.

Some call it inglorious. Others call it magnificent. Icon calls it the Basstard.

Oh my cod, It’s o-fish-al! Icon has produced one of the most a-lure-ing graphics of the year and it’s turtle-ly off the hook. We never thought we’d see a fish graphic but, admittedly, any-fin is possible. We think the Icon Airmada Basstard Helmet is reely well s-ketch-ed and it looks good from any angler. It’s androgynous enough for buoys and gills alike, and can still be worm on a bobber.

Don’t take too much time to mullet over; get it schooner rather than later before salmon else does! Seas the oppor-tuna-ty to get a unique helmet and you’ll never stop herring compliments from your friends! Even if you don’t need a new lid, just get it for the halibut (hell-of-it). Otherwise, you’ll be fit to be tide and saying “shoulda, woulda, ‘cuda.”

Icon Basstard Helmet Review:

Drop us a line, and tell us what you think of the Basstard! We dolphin-itely promise to scale back on the puns.

-- Orange Joelius
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