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New REV'IT! Jeans: Holy Jeans Batman!

Riding Jeans are no longer the fresh new thing from the motorcycle industry. Several manufacturers have been doing it for a very long time, and people have been questioning why Revit has been behind on the trend. As it turns out, Revit was never “behind”. They sat back and learned from what other manufacturers were doing wrong. After observing consumer feedback carefully, Revit has finally released their own line of Riding Jeans. While the delay has been extensive, the wait is now over. The name of the game here is ‘options’, and they are plentiful.

While the features from model to model can seem overwhelming, several themes remain prevalent. All of the models feature 3M Scotchlite Reflective, Knox Knee Protection, Hip Armor capabilities, and most notably, Cordura Denim. It is the amalgamation of these and other features that both defines the options within the Revit line, and prevents them from growing redundant.

The REV'IT Nelson Jeans come in as Revit’s Cadillac of the bunch. Every protective feature that Revit can pack into a denim pant is present here. As consumers in the motorcycle industry, we unapologetically ask for everything in a nice neat package. In this case, Revit has catered to the rider who wants as much protection as possible, while not looking like he just stepped off the bike. Between Revit’s PWR Shield, 12.5oz Cordura Denim, and Knox Armor in the knees, the (read: Full) Nelson has you covered. Combine this with an amazing attention to aesthetic detailing, and there is little to be desired.

REV'IT Nelson Jeans Review:

Closely related to the Nelson are the REV'IT Lombard Jeans. The main difference that we see here is the presence of a mechanical stretch capability. This caters much less to the casual cruiser, and much more to the active aggressive rider. Without compromising on safety, a more flexible base for the rider to perform within is offered. In this light, Revit was sure to include the same Coolmax technology which is present in many of the pants, which aids in moisture evaporation as a means of cooling. Picture your RSV4 rider on holiday.

REV'IT Lombard Jeans Review:

For the younger and trendier among us, Revit offers the REV'IT Campo Jeans. Features such that were present in the Nelson and Lombard, such as 12.5oz Cordura Denim, Armored knees, PWR Shield, and Coolmax, are still present here, but in a much different package. Taking the place of the familiar regular straight fit, is the more modern tapered finish. For the most discerning Don Juan, the Campo is an option when remaining safe cannot come in the way of your GQ all-star status. Even the Selvedge-esque Dark Blue finish will allow you to blend into the background at your friend’s Brooklyn roof-top party.

REV'IT Campo Jeans Review:

The REV'IT Carnaby Jeans are the only player in the game in which Coolmax capability is not present. This was not, however a cost slashing decision. It just so happens that the Carnaby also offers an 11oz Cordura Denim, which will be a little lighter than the 12.5oz which is found in other models. This makes the Carnaby a close candidate for a “normal” jean.

REV'IT! Carnaby Jeans Review

Finally, we find ourselves at the REV'IT Vendome Jeans. This is the Streetfighter of the Revit line. A stripped-down, no frills pant, the Vendome does not offer the PWR Shield that is found in all of the other men’s models. This makes it a prime candidate for downtown streets where abrasion resistance is a little less necessary. Fortunately for us, Revit understands that use in a downtown setting also means that we often find ourselves sitting still in very high heat atop the controlled explosion that is a motorcycle engine, and has included the same Coolmax capability in this jean that appears elsewhere.

REV'IT Vendome Jeans Review:

This seems to be the common thread not only in Revit’s new denim line, but in Revit’s offering as a manufacturer. At a glance, the myriad of models appears a redundancy, but upon a closer examination we find a very specific offering. This is not the wide brushed approach of simply offering a single riding jean, but instead, a deliberate and concentrated approach to getting the most from a seemingly simple product.

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