Monday, September 16

The need for Speedmaster!: New Joe Rocket Leather

Are you done kicking the tires and ready to light the fires? Then you most definitely feel the need: the need, for Speedmaster!

Joe Rocket has hit the afterburners on their Speedmaster jacket. The name’s been around for JR for years but this newest iteration gets some features carried down from their predecessors and from the race suit of the same name but with a little more grown-up design (gone is the “sponsor badged” look of the SM 5.0 jacket).

The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Jacket has titanium shoulder sliders with molded-in vents and better-positioned expansion panels on the back and elbows. Also, there’s a thermal vest liner for those cooler days. So you get a little more comfort, flexibility, and protection for when you’re canyon carving.

Something else to look out for are some extra-visible “High Risk Red” and “Radioactive Yellow” colorways. An 8” connection zipper matches your Speedmaster 5.0 or Blaster 2.0 pants but, sadly, there’s no 360-zip so this may not be the most track-friendly jacket off the rack. You can always have the upper half that comes with the pants sewn on. See your local tailor for details.

Snag this jacket and you’ll be ready to don those aviator shades under your Speedmaster Carbon Helmet and rev up your GPZ. Permission to fly-by granted, Maverick!

--Orange Joelius
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