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Firstgear Rainier & Monarch Jackets & TPG Escape Pants

After a few years absent from the market, Firstgear is bringing back the TPG Rainier and Monarch Jackets, as well as the TPG Escape Pants. The Technical Performance Gear line marks Firstgear’s return to the hardcore adventure gear segment. If you’re rocking a dual sport bike, an adventure-tourer, or just ride a motorcycle year-round, the TPG line will offer the comfort and protection you need.

The Firstgear TPG Rainier Jacket is the top of the food chain when it comes to Firstgear jackets. Let’s get right into it shall we?

The biggest departure from the previous Rainier is that the new TPG Rainier loses the thermal destination liner. Firstgear has taken the stance that if you are looking for a technical shell jacket, you will want to use your own base and mid-layers for warmth and comfort. The armor used is the new D3O T-5 Evo Pro, which is CE-Rated and very temperature stable, thus able to stand up to abuse both in warm and cold months. The armor positioning is adjustable in the shoulders and elbows, and the Rainier Jacket comes with a CE-Rated back protector as well. The Red zippers indicate the location of the vents, two intake on the chest, and two exhaust on the back. Last but not least, both the Rainier and Monarch have aramid reinforcement in the high-impact areas at the shoulders and elbows.

Firstgear TPG Rainier Jacket Review:

The shell waterproofing is another new material used in the updated TPG Rainier and Monarch Jackets as well as the TPG Escape pants, and it deserves some individual attention. The Firstgear TPG line is now using Cocona waterproofing material, which uses active particle technology to regulate body heat and breathability. The Cocona is incorporated into the shell for waterproofing without the need for liners, and the material is activated by your body heat. As the humidity and heat around your body increase, the Cocona material with become more breathable to maintain the optimum humidity balance around your skin’s surface.

The Firstgear TPG Monarch Jacket is the women’s equivalent to the Rainier Jacket. The Women's Monarch uses the same Cocona waterproof and breathable shell, and the D3O T-5 Evo Pro adjustable armor in the shoulders and elbows along with the CE-Rated back Protector. Thankfully, Firstgear has resisted the temptation to paint the whole thing pink and purple. The TPG Monarch Jacket is available in the same colors as the Rainier: a tasteful Black and Silver or the high-viz Neon Yellow and Black option.

To complement the Rainier and Monarch Jackets, Firstgear has updated the TPG Escape Pants. The Firstgear TPG Escape Pants now feature the same Cocona active particle technology for a waterproof yet breathable shell. The Escape incorporate the same CE-Rated D3O T-5 Evo Pro armor in the knees and hips. The Firstgear TPG Escape have a waist connection zipper to combine with the Rainier or Monarch Jackets, and feature a knee-high two-way zipper for easy entry and exit. Just like on the jackets, the Red zippers on the pants indicate the location of the vents.

Wherever you’re going, whenever you’re getting there, and whatever weather you encounter along the way, FirstGear TPG has got you covered.

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