Thursday, October 31

Icon Airmada Seance: Take Back the Night

Fear not the ghouls and their ghastly dark plight,
Nor the dastardly derelicts and their depths of fright.
The time has come to venture through the prism
And for riders to ride the perilous schism.
Between that which is lit and that which is not
Brews a mixture of madness in a caldron of rot.
So lean in for a peak, dare not avert your gaze,
And prepare to be enraptured by its nefarious ways…

With a bright checkered pattern matching the fiend inside,
Don the Icon Seance for the wickedest ride!
Play cards with the crows but beware of the Ace
For the dealer is crooked and will cheat to save face.
Peering into his skull the Old Man in The Moon
Offers dubious wares and his tempest of doom.
As vines reach out to extend and ensnare
The precarious predicaments of ill-begotten wares.
All of which happens under the all seeing eyes,
As the Reaper stands ready to claim their demise...

Guided by candles lit above the faceshield,
This helmet is for riders of an uncommon yield.
Who will sit quietly, who won't be the same?
Who will push back on Fear, shouting her name?
These ones ride undaunted, who will not turn back,
When the goblins, and ghosts, and gremlins attack.
For riders among us who forgo bark for the bite,
The Icon Airmada Seance Helmet takes back the night!

Icon Airmada Seance Helmet Review:

Have fun, be safe, and until next time…

Enjoy the ride!

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