Tuesday, October 1

New GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras

When GoPros were first introduced, they turned the action sports world upside down….and got it all on video. Now, we don’t have to explain that 10-year-old limp. The kind folks at GoPro allow us to capture our horrific accidents in full High Definition. Yee Haaa! Plus, there’s something about having a camera attached to our bodies that bumps-up the courage levels a bit. Thanks for the motivation GoPro!

The new GoPro Hero 3+ cameras are absolutely ridiculous. Let’s talk about an overall size that’s 20% smaller than the previous generation. Hopefully you don’t have cataracts, because you’re not going to be able to find your camera. Let’s talk about improved audio. Turn that miracle ear down. Let’s talk about 25% longer battery life. No more using the “I have to recharge my battery” excuse when your IBS flares up….you know who you are!

Just like the previous generation, the Hero 3+ cameras are offered in Black and Silver Editions.

Let’s talk about the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition. For most of us, the Silver Edition will do the trick. I know we all think we’re video production wizards with our 8 year old Acer laptops but ….. we’re not. For those of us not employed by the X Games, the GoPro Hero 3 Plus Silver Edition is a exceptional value. The Hero 3+ Silver Edition cameras have been updated with 2x faster image processing, enhanced low-light performance, and improved image quality / sharpness. Fire up the ol’ Acer and put your wizard hat on! It’s time to edit some footage.

Now, let’s talk about the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. Alright computer nerds….start geeking! I know I am. The Black Edition has been given the full monty. GoPro has equipped the Hero 3+ Black Edition with their SuperView Technology for an IMAX-like experience. One of the coolest additions is their Auto Low Light Technology that intelligently adjusts the frame rate for exceptional low light performance. Oh...they increased image quality a hair too. How much you ask? Well, they didn't bump it up 1%, 5%, or even 15%. How does 33% sound? The new GoPro Hero 3 Plus Black Edition has reduced distortion and improved image quality by 33%. Holy cow!

It’s nice to see that GoPro is actually improving upon an already incredible camera. They’re not making minor tweaks here and there to sell a new edition. Rock on GoPro!

With all of that said, I will leave you with one final thought……

The next time you find yourself on top of a two-story barn with cardboard taped to your arms and friends egging you on….why not get your incredible flight experience in HD?

--High-Viz Brian
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