Wednesday, January 1

New Olympia Ranger Jackets: For riding out of range.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Olympia does it again! The Ranger Vent Tech Jackets for both men and women are packed with 2 layers of material that allow you to be comfortable in unpredictable weather and diverse riding conditions. Four color options fit your style, including the all new Patriot color scheme. Red, White and Blue never looked so good! This color combination would really look sexy alongside any matching motorcycle color schemes such as those you see on many BMWs or even the 25th anniversary Honda VFR 800.

Ladies, the adjustability on this Olympia Women's Ranger jacket is absolutely amazing! You are able to cinch down the straps around the waist for a really custom fit. If you are worried about not being able to pull the jacket over your hips, no worries, Olympia really thought that issue out as well. They actually installed side zippers so you can flare the jacket over your hips for a perfect fit. That has got to be my favorite feature (coming from a gal with some hips on her)! Yay!

Olympia Women's Ranger Jacket Review:

Guys, sorry, there are no zippers for your hips. I know, I know -- totally heart breaking. However, one feature on the Olympia Ranger that will really attract you to this jacket is the ventilation system in the chest. Whether you have on bulky winter gloves or summer mesh gloves, all you have to do is grab the strap and pull it down. That allows you to really open the chest vents while riding to get the max airflow through the jacket. Seriously, easy. Also, there are huge arm vents which help to circulate the air where you fellas need it most, the arm pits.

Olympia Ranger Jacket Review:

Once off the bike, the Ranger Vent Tech jacket has a soft shell insulated liner that can be worn on its own. This is great for when you are walking into a restaurant when it’s cold out, but you don’t want to drag around your riding jacket.

All in all, the Ranger Vent Tech pieces are put together well for any sort of rider. From Adventure rider, to sport tourer, you may not need another jacket! Cheers to you Olympia for listening to customer feedback and making this jacket have an amazing fit, awesome functionality and with a flare of moto-sexiness.

- Rania
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