Wednesday, January 1

REV'IT! GT-R Air Jacket: Hotness Never Felt So Cool!

In an effort to refresh their summer line, Rev’It introduces the GT-R Air jacket. It’s designed for, but not limited to, the aggressive sportbike rider. The GT-R Air has a pronounced race cut. Get ready to be thrown in the race position. This may not be socially acceptable if you’re walking around the mall or grocery store. However, if you find yourself walking the Seaside Heights boardwalk, you may not look so out of place.

If you called 1-800-Old-Spice and still had bologna stains last summer, it might be time for a new summer riding jacket. The REV'IT! GT-R Air Jacket's full mesh chassis is going to flow so much air you’ll feel like you’re in a wind tunnel. As the air passes through the jacket, it’s going to pull the water vapor / sweat from your body and exhaust it through the back mesh panels. On those scorching hot days, strap in the Rev’It Challenger Cooling vest and lower your core temperature to a manageable level.

The mesh chassis is reinforced in the impact areas with high strength textile fabric just in case you decide to play a little game of higher or lower (side). Rest assured, the GT-R Air armor isn’t cumbersome slabs of plastic with CE brandings. It’s KNOX Flexiform. Yes, that means virtually no distractions from armor pressure points.

REV'IT! GT-R Air Jacket Review:

If you’re looking for an aggressively styled jacket that is going to perform well in the warmer temperatures, the GT-R Air is certainly an option. Lose the deodorant, jump on your sport bike and hit the canyons in easy, breezy comfort!

-- Hi-Viz Brian
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