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REV'IT! GT-R Race Suit: Affordable Quality

Have you ever seen “A Christmas Story”? More specifically, do you remember the scene where Ralphie’s brother is bundled up so tightly he could barely move as he waddled outside after his older brother? If so, you have an idea of what I looked like this past Saturday as I was getting ready to brave the cold for a motorcycle ride. According to my weather app the outdoor temperature was a brisk 28 degrees. Although it was not the most ideal temperature for a ride, I had just finished repairs on my ’05 Triumph Bonneville T-100 and wanted to confirm that I had actually solved my problem.

The one upside about having some down time from riding during the winter months in the Northeast is that we have plenty of time to properly prep for the coming Spring, as well as all the riding that comes with it. My 1999 Honda VFR is currently naked, stripped of her fairings and wheels as she sits on the lift in the corner of my garage. She is awaiting a new set of brake pads and rotors as well as a new rear tire as I get her ready for some track days this coming year. I have also started shopping for some new leathers, as I believe this to be the year I purchase a dedicated One-Piece Track suit.

Rev’It! has been on my radar lately as they have a slew of new offerings set for release early in the New Year.  One such offering happens to be an all-new, entry level, one-piece race suit: the GT-R. The REV'IT! GT-R Suit is being branded as an affordable option for the rider who is looking to step up their presence on the track. In this case it is important not to interchange “affordable” with “cheap”, as in “cheap construction”.

REV'IT! GT-R Race Suit Review:

The GT-R features the same Monaco Performance cowhide leather found on their higher end race suits. In areas which require freedom of movement, Rev’It! utilizes a mixture of Kevlar and 500D stretch material allowing the rider to comfortably throw himself into the apex of a corner while ensuring abrasion protection in the event of a crash.

Impact protection is provided via ProLife CE armor in the shoulders and elbows and adjustable ProLife CE comfort armor at the knees.  Hip protection comes by way of Tryonic Seesoft CE armor (Type B) and the back is prepared for the Seesoft Level 2 back protector (Type RV). The cool thing about this armor is that it is designed for multiple impacts, so if you do happen to crash in a way where the leather can be repaired, you should be able to get away with reusing the existing armor.  In addition to the impact armor there is also safety stitching, and a double leather seat to protect your rear end should you take a long “backside slide” across the tarmac.

Ventilation on the GT-R is provided from a fully perforated outer shell at the chest and arms as well as ventilation panels at the chest and leg. It addition, it also features Aerocool 3D mesh at the shoulders and back which helps to equally distribute airflow around the inside of the suit.  If you are anything like me you can sweat in an air-conditioned room in winter. Luckily for me, as well as the people that come within an arms reach of me, the liner can be removed for a good scrub down.

This suit is the perfect option for the folks that are already using a two-piece suit and want to step up their presence on the track. Personally I have already done a few track days using my trusty Rev’It! RS2 two-piece suit and I am ready for an upgrade as I plan on getting more involved with taking my old gear driven VFR to the track this year. That is, once I spend the next few months making sure we are both properly dressed for the occasion.

I pulled the Bonnie into the garage after about 30 miles through the icy hills of the PA countryside and as I reached down to kill the engine it became apparent that it was going to take a few minutes to regain full function in all of my extremities. This time of year may not be the most ideal weather in which to ride but it does wonders to fuel our hunger for Spring. As I pull a beer from the fridge and close the garage door behind me I am already warming up. I hit play on my DVD player and settle down on the couch to study my well-worn copy of “Fastest” like a student cramming for finals. Just because warm weather is months away does not mean I cannot be prepared when it finally shows up; if only I would have studied this hard in college.

- Spurg
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