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Rukka Airman Jacket: Nordic Magic & Hardcore Pavement Deterrent

How often have you found yourself riding in the blistering heat in your leather riding jacket because you want to be ATGATT (thats the hip way of saying "gear: head-to-toe"), and you find yourself somewhat envious of the guy wearing a tee shirt next you? Well Rukka is here to save the day! Now with another option so that you no longer need to be envious. The new Airman jacket is similar in many ways to the current Airway jacket using Cordura AFT and Gore-Tex to protect you from the elements, yet still providing airflow similar to what you would find on a mesh jacket.

If you have not heard about Cordura AFT yet here is the low down - It’s some kind of ancient magic found in Finland that allows air to flow through things and keep you comfortable (WOW!). In reality this is not far from the truth. It is a special weave of Cordura material that allows airflow while still providing excellent abrasion resistance. Basically the stuff of everyone's dreams. Combine this with a removable Gore-Tex liner and you have a hard hitting combination to deal a knockout blow to mother nature.

Since the Rukka Airman Jacket is a new addition to the line that is very similar to the Airway jacket lets look at the things that separate them: Some main differences between the Airman and Airway jacket include 5 outer pockets (Still only one with a detachable waterproof pouch), Outlast thermal material in the liner, a rabbit pouch on the back, and D3O armor in the elbow and shoulders (an upgrade option on the Airway). Additionally, the Airman is a ¾ length jacket with waist adjusters for a more touring inspired fit.

So what do all these things mean? Probably the two most important features are the introduction of Outlast material in the liner and the D3O armor being standard (though the back protector is not included). The inclusion of Outlast in the liner is awesome, having ridden with Outlast in the cold I can say it is truly amazing. It is capable of regulating your body temperature at a comfortable level without making you overly hot or cold (to a certain extent).

Rukka Airman Jacket Review:

Rukka builds gear of envy for the hard core rider that lives on two wheels and the addition of the Airman to the line expands the options available to riders looking for something with few compromises. So check out the new Rukka Airman if you are in need of a warm weather jacket to do battle with mother nature.

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