Monday, February 10

Alpinestars SP-8 & SP-2 Glove updates

When your wallet is all torn up from road rash and you don’t want the same fate to befall your precious mitts, check out the Alpinestars SP-8 Gloves.  Though no major changes are in store for the SP-8 this spring, a few added colorways will shake things up a bit.  For under $100, you still get a full-grain leather construction, polymer knuckle protection, pre-curved ergonomics, and our favorite part - a third and fourth finger bridge to prevent seam failure and finger separation in the event of a slide.  We’re rather attached to our pinkies.  We assume you are too.

The SP-8 will get you through summer and most of spring and fall, provided it doesn’t rain much and isn’t too chilly.  Perforation throughout will keep your paws comfy enough in the heat.  With neither thermal insulation nor a waterproof membrane, you will be vulnerable to the weather.  However, you’ll have great tactile feel of your controls.  And controlling your bike is important, because the new Black / High-Viz and Black / Red / High-Viz colorways will be turning heads.  No one wants to see you leave the gas station with your kickstand down.  Don’t be that guy.

Alpinestars, never shy to try new things, have revamped their tried-and-true SP-2 gloves.  With the addition of many useful bits, the Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves should serve as a go-to glove for the technical road rider who enjoys the occasional track day.  A new CE certification will give you all the confidence you need to shave seconds off your best lap time (or, more realistically, your commute).

The previous SP-2 feature a mostly cowhide construction.  This time around, Alpinestars has upgraded to Goatskin.  Most of you know we Americans love our beef, but it turns out Goatskin is more abrasion resistant and offers better feel of the controls.  And just incase you don’t trust those wiley Goats, there are Clarino suede reinforcements in all the danger zones.

As if that weren’t enough, a new plastic palm slider sits, well, on your palm.   Rather than catching pavement and tumbling, palm sliders allow your hands to glide along the surface of the road - a much better situation to be in.  But in the event that you do tumble, the new carbon fiber knuckles will keep your own from cracking.  Just as well, Alpinestars’ patented finger bridge will keep your pinky right where it needs to be.  Surely chaos would descend upon the world if pinky promises ceased to be legal tender for keeping secrets.  And just in case you need to Instagram how safely you just survived that lowside, the SP-2 (along with many of Alpinestars’ new gloves) feature a touchscreen compatible pointer finger insert.

Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves Review:

A couple of new colorways will attract those who like to stand out, especially the Black, White, Yellow, and Red one which will match up perfectly with the Celer Leather Jacket that sports the same scheme.  With the new for 2014 SP-2, it’s amazing that Alpinestars has been able to pack so many features into a glove while keeping the price exactly the same.  For those of you whose riding consists of 80% street and 20% track, the SP-2 will fit . . . well, like a glove.  

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