Friday, February 21

Icon Hella 1000 Jacket and Chaps : Hella tight

Icon’s Hella line has long attracted the sportier crowd with its fit and modern flare. But those of us who crave something a little more rugged, yet classic, have been left wanting more. New and hot off the Icon 1000 presses are the Icon Hella Jacket and the Icon Hella Chaps.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the look of the Akorp and the Federal. But, both are a little more of a commitment and require a little more dinero. With the new Hella 1000 Jacket, Icon perfectly marries the casual feel of the Hella line with the classic styling of the 1000. What’s left is a lovely combination of waxed canvas and drum dyed supple leather accents. Needless to say those are two of our favorite things and we love when they’re packaged together. For the mom in you, all that fit and finish is coupled with a complete D30 armor package. That’s elbows, shoulders and back. So, retire that Carhart or Barbour for something that’s really made to hit the road.

Icon 1000 Hella Jacket Review:

Icon has a similar but simpler concept with the 1000 Hella Chaps. Again we’re seeing a waxed canvas chassis, but with much larger drum dyed leather panels for some added abrasion resistance. The black on black details are a nice touch too. Black lace? Don’t mind if I do. Perfect for the rider who wants a little more protection than a jean without the full-on riding-pant-frump. But let’s be honest, who really needs a reason to wear chaps?

We like where Icon is going with these two Hella 1000 goodies. We can always use a rugged canvas jacket and a solid pair of chaps. Here’s to hoping that they offer some more! But could they also, maybe, match the number of Men’s options next year? Now that, would be hella tight.

- Alessandra
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