Thursday, July 31

Icon Clover Leaf Sliders: Because New Pants Are Expensive

How far do you push it? How much do you lean? If the answer to both of those questions are “far” and “a lot” then hopefully you have the proper gear for the ride. While everyone thinks of a helmet, gloves, pants, and boots (or at least they should!), sometimes the details can go under the radar. 

For the Fall of 2014 the all new Icon Cloverleaf Sliders offer an advanced level of protection if you are one of the talented few with the skills and fortitude to drag your knees on the street. With 3 Velcro adjustable straps for a comfortably snug fit these strap-on leather knee sliders can operate independently of any pants offering a whole new level of functionality. Built from Brazilian cowhide the Cloverleaf comes in either Black or White options and offers removable/replaceable pucks for extended variations in usage. At the same time, a layer of D3O armor is situated under the exterior shell to provide increased impact protection should there be a collision.

Pants these days are expensive, so if you are out pushing yourself and your machine to the max, keep the holes out of your knees with the new Cloverleaf Sliders from Icon.

- Juice
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