Friday, July 25

Speed and Strength: New SS2400 Series

It was barely 8:00am and the heat was already suffocating as I rolled the KTM 530 EXC across the floor of the California desert. The bike was not mine, the gear was borrowed, and I had not ridden in the dirt in almost five years. One of my friends had made the mistake of offering up a spare ride and I was not about to turn down an adventure in the desert.

There are plenty of riders out there that need a decent dirt helmet that can be picked up for cheap, destroyed, and replaced for cheap once it destroyed. The SS2400 Helmet is the first helmet to issue the Speed and Strength brand into the world of dirt. A very basic, affordable helmet, that is available in a wide array of graphics from standard solids, to louder editions such as in the Lunatic Fringe collection. The metallic vents on the front are non-functional as all the airflow will come from the eyeport and chin vent. The SS2400 shell features an intermediate oval shape, an adjustable peak, and emergency removable cheek pads. It is DOT rated and comes in sizes ranging from XS-2XL.

The Speed and Strength SS2400 will be perfect for riders looking for simplicity. With a basic Matte Black outer shell coined as "Jet Black" the helmet keeps things uncluttered. A helmet for helmets sake. Understated and focused on the task at hand.

Speed & Strength SS2400 Jet Black Helmet Review:

If you are a rider looking for a little more visual stimuli, the Speed and Strength SS2400 Lunatic Fringe is perfect. With a wide variety of color options you will be able to match your individual style like few other helmets are able. The multitude of options will definitely keep things interesting.

For those who kick as much ass in the dirt as they do in the ring there is a hard-hitting Speed and Strength SS2400 Tapout graphic which comes in either Black/Black or Black/Red. While there are fewer color options than the Lunatic Fringe, the chopped feel of the graphic itself ensures that it brings the same level of impact.

Speed & Strength SS2400 Tapout Helmet Review:

I cannot tell you how many times I crashed out there in the California sun, but I can tell you I trashed that borrowed helmet and I still owe my buddy Dan a new header pipe for his KTM. There is nothing more exciting and enjoyable than tearing it up in the dirt. However, chances are, you are going to take a tumble or two. For guys like me who are taking more tumbles than most, Speed and Strength makes it affordable to buy new gear for our buddies once we destroy the stuff they let us borrow for the day.

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