Friday, July 25

Speed & Strength: American Beauty Collection

Gritty, sturdy, well-crafted and undeterred. That is who we are, a nation built by the hands of those not afraid to dig in. We get dirty, we go hard, we scrap, and we do so in style. The new Speed and Strength American Beauty collection for women draws upon this facet and exemplifies a deep-seated toughness inherent in our very nature.

Fresh out of the gate for the summer riding season is the new Speed and Strength American Beauty Boots. Constructed with a leather upper and side zipper entry, this is a boot for the female rider searching for an option geared to the cruiser crowd. While the molded internal toe and ankle reinforcements provide increased moto protection, features such as the Lock N’ Load adjustable strap and anti-slip rubber outsole increase tactile function and responsiveness with the foot pegs. For some, beauty is stilettos on a fashion runway. For others, it is an open highway and loud machines screaming towards an open sunset… these boots are for the latter.

Speed & Strength American Beauty Boots Review:

The same ethos can be seen in the new Speed and Strength SS1600 American Beauty Helmet. Utilizing an advanced thermo-poly alloy shell to offer lighter weight and increased resistance to impact, the SS1600 is a DOT and ECE 22-05-approved helmet for all street riders. No matter the conditions, the Airstrike direct course ventilation system combines with a Cool-core removable, washable moisture-wicking liner to maximize comfort. At the same time the single-action internal sun visor allows for easy interchange for daytime/nighttime visibility.

Speed & Strength SS1600 American Beauty Helmet Review:

The Speed and Strength American Beauty collection draws upon some of our deeply held cultural values. With the Women’s American Beauty boots and SS1600 American Beauty Graphic helmet, there are no loud colors, no fluff simply there for show. Just the toughness and durability to get the job done.

- Juice
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