Friday, July 25

Woof! Speed and Strength Dogs of War Collection

Woof woof!  What’s that, boy? Your combat fatigues can’t handle the rough-and-tumble life of a biker? Well, that’s a lot for a Dog of War to think about.

No matter, S&S does the thinking for you.  With the Speed and Strength Dogs of War Pants (armored, by the way) you get the cut and style of traditional jeans, but with the comfort and breathability of regular cotton. Moto functionality by way of Kevlar panels and CE armor means you aren’t at the mercy of Sally SUV and Randy Road Rash. A distressed wash and slash cut hip pockets mean you won’t be pegged as a Power Ranger motorcyclist, which is a good thing for all of us.

Speed & Strength Dogs of War Pants Review:

What do riding pants and MX helmets have to do with one another? Nothing, really - but Speed and Strength isn’t concerned with logic or purpose. The SS2400 MX helmet is Speed and Strength’s first foray into the dirt market.  And you know what?  Nothing screams Uncle [Sam] as loudly as a moto lid wrapped in Old Glory garb.  The Speed and Strength SS2400 Dogs of War MX helmet is an entry level dirt helmet with all the obligatory fixins you need for off-road riding.  Emergency cheek pads, adjustable peak, and an intermediate oval head shape all lend to a safe and comfortable brain bucket.  All you need is an oil-leaking 2-stroke, some knobbies, and a neighbor’s yard and you’ll be well on your way to wreaking havoc about town.

Speed & Strength SS2400 Dogs of War MX Helmet Review:

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