Monday, August 18

Alpinestars Shoes: Anaheim & San Diego

The new riding shoe lineup from Alpinestars bring the casual look to a whole new level. These shoes will be equally at home scooting down to the coffee shop or walking around town on a nice warm day. While they may not be the best option for any technical or highway riding, the big-A knocked it out of the park with the relaxed new designs.

The latest and greatest in the new line of sneakers is the Alpinestars Anaheim Shoes. This shoe evokes a classic sneaker style with a light amount of protection for the casual, around-town rider. The perforated upper is great for airflow in the summertime and the relaxed American fitment should fit a wide variety of riders. The stylized details really make this shoe pop over the sedate looks of the competition.

Alpinestars Anaheim Shoes Review:

The Alpinestars San Diego Shoes are light-duty riding shoes with just the right amount of protection for a quick trip to the park. The casual looks and subtle styling differentiate this from a lot of other shoes from A-Stars. Although this canvas shoe has a relatively low cut, the padding over the ankles, the heel cup and the toe counter will help stand up to damage while the comfortable fit will keep you on your feet all day while off the bike.

Alpinestars San Diego Shoes Review:

Alpinestars has long been known for both their protective riding gear and there forward-thinking style. The Anaheim and San Diego are the new evolution from the famed Italian gear-maker. Don’t let the fact that these aren't the most hardcore racing boots sway you from what may be the best boot for a spin around the block.

- DevoSpeed

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