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Alpinestars Tornado Air & Stella Tornado Air Jackets: Keep The Air Moving

In looking at the newest movie releases, there is a new disaster movie coming out that is quite reminiscent of the classic Twister from almost two decades ago. If you have/will see either of them, amidst all of the not at all scientific sequences of events, one thing remains apparent… tornadoes involve a lot of moving air.

Alpinestars Tornado Air Motorcycle JacketWith the new Alpinestars Tornado Air Jacket, ventilation is paramount. Built as part of the Rideout collection of city gear, the lightweight, perforated Poly shell jacket is a hooded option for quick commutes around town. For additional comfort the jacket comes with a full interior mesh lining that works to help facilitate the overall airflow. Underneath the outer shell you will find bio armor at the elbows and shoulders with an upgradable option for the back as well. Though it is not meant for highway speed cruising, the Rideout collection is a pretty cool option for the urban rider and scooter crowd.

Alpinestars Tornado Air Jacket Review:

Alpinestars Stella Tornado Air Motorcycle Jacket
This jacket also comes in a women’s version that focuses more on the specific ergonomics and styles of female riders. The Alpinestars Stella Tornado Air Jacket is constructed with the same specs as the mens’ version as a lightweight, around town option that maximizes airflow. Features such as the Velcro volume control sleeve adjusters allow for variable riding preferences on this jacket that is best suited for the 50cc and below commuters.

Alpinestars Stella Tornado Air Jacket Review:

Whether you are on a small scooter or an actual leg-powered bicycle, the Alpinestars Tornado Air Jacket and Stella Tornado Air Jacket are here to keep the air moving.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,

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